Scan-Based Trading Expertise at Max Distributing

Empowering Retailers with Risk-Free Inventory Solutions

At Max Distributing, we specialize in Scan-Based Trading (SBT), a revolutionary approach to inventory management that enhances profitability, reduces risk, and streamlines operations for retailers and suppliers alike. Our expertise in SBT reflects our commitment to innovative solutions that drive success for our partners.

What is Scan-Based Trading? Scan-Based Trading is an inventory management system where suppliers retain ownership of the inventory within retail locations until the point of sale. This model transforms traditional inventory management, offering a seamless, efficient, and mutually beneficial partnership between retailers and suppliers.

The Max Distributing Advantage in SBT

  • Risk Reduction: With SBT, retailers can stock their shelves without upfront investment in inventory, significantly reducing financial risk and improving cash flow.
  • Sales Optimization: Our SBT expertise allows for real-time sales tracking and inventory management, ensuring that your product mix is always aligned with consumer demand.
  • Operational Efficiency: We handle the complexities of inventory management, from restocking to unsold product returns, allowing retailers to focus on what they do best – selling.
  • Strategic Insights: Leveraging advanced analytics, we provide actionable insights into sales trends, product performance, and market dynamics, empowering retailers to make informed decisions.
  • Partnership and Support: Our approach to SBT is collaborative. We work closely with our retail partners to tailor solutions that fit their unique needs, providing support every step of the way.























Why Choose Max Distributing for SBT? Choosing Max Distributing as your SBT partner means more than just access to our inventory management expertise. It means embracing a partnership designed to enhance your store’s profitability, reduce operational burdens, and adapt swiftly to market changes. Our track record speaks for itself, with thousands of stores nationwide benefiting from our SBT programs, yielding higher sales volumes, improved customer satisfaction, and unparalleled support.

Innovative Products, Minimal Risk Our SBT expertise extends across a range of sought-after product categories, including newer-to-market and exclusive items. This not only gives retailers a competitive edge but also ensures a product selection that is fresh, relevant, and appealing to consumers.

Ready to Transform Your Inventory Management? Discover how Max Distributing’s Scan-Based Trading expertise can revolutionize your retail operations. Contact us today to learn more about implementing SBT in your stores and join the ranks of retailers who are thriving with our risk-free inventory solutions.